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Plitvicka jezera – Plitvice lakes

Spend the day in the breathtaking beauty of Croatia’s Dinaric Mountains on a 8-hour tour of Plitvice Lakes, and walk in forests of green. See the terraced lakes and waterfalls of crystal clear water flowing through a vast and lush environment.

Join us to visit one of the greatest and the oldest National Park in Croatia. With its 16 turquoise lakes, various sizes that pour one into another, divided by travertine barriers, Plitvice is a part of UNESCO heritage since 1979. The park is subdivided in two sections, Upper lakes (12 lakes) and Lower lakes (4 lakes). This lake complex starts with Matica river by the biggest one (altitude of 636m), over a distance of 8km, and finishes on the Korana river (altitude of 503m).

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Our adventure start from Split or Trogir where we pick up from your accommodation, with our luxury air-conditioned vans. In a few hours’ drive from Split, we will arrive to the our final destination – beautiful Plitvice. With the help of our friends guides, you will able to experience this magic site in special way. We will take you through a network of forest pathways and wooden bridges around the lake (about 2.4km), offering fantastic panoramic views of the lakes. This circular tour provides an opportunity to admire the „Great Waterfall“ – the largest fall of the Plitvice Lakes and in Croatia (78 metres high; there’s also a viewpoint at the top of the canyon above).

But it’s not all.. If you want to get an even better look at the lakes, you should try to cruise along the clear water in electric boats.

You must have heard or read about the magnificence of this park, so do not miss the chance to get to know it the best way. If you probably think about swimming in this emerald green and cristaly clear water.. we have to disappoint you.. Unfortunately for you, swimming is forbidden in the park ever since 2006. But.. if really want to swim in some wonderful, turquoise water, you can do it in Krka waterfall National Park in Dalmatia. We also make great excursions to this place as well, so check our other excursions. The only problem is which trip is decided beforehand, Plitvice Lakes or Krka Waterfalls.. The best answer on this question is – BOTH.

Important to know: Plitvice national park is located in the mountain area, it gets pretty cold in the evening, so, don’t forget to take warm clothes! Also, you should have comfortable sport shoes for walking.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all these beautiful sights.

In short, does not matter when, just go there, don’t miss the chance!

Plitvice Lakes Transfer Service Croatia