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Vacation is the best way to unburden the stress of work and whatever the world is throwing at you. Going to the best places to ensure this is another concern. However, Private Croatia Tour has made sure that from the start to the finish of your vacation, you experience a never-ending pleasure.

Private Croatia Tour is a transfer service company specialized in tailor-made tours and vacations in Croatia and the Balkans —  from Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia. We can orchestrate momentous Private Tours, Private Day Trips and Private Transfers for individual travellers, small groups and large companies.

What We Offer

Private Croatia Tour offers broad levels of private transportation services — from the car or van hire with a personal chauffeur to on-water sail via boat or yacht charter. However, we listen to your intentions and expectations, then we suggest what we best think will suit your itinerary. If it happens you are going for a private day trip or group tours in Croatia, we suggest you opt for a private tour.

Our concierge services include enthusiastic individuals who are at their utmost stance to provide suitable outcomes for your requirements. Hence, the moment you opt for Private Croatia Tours, you have signed in for the most satisfying, luxurious and enlightening tour that would mark a great adventure of a lifetime for you.


Our team of experts offer you our special destinations that you would need to visit and explore the beauty.

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Our tours and group sizes;

Individual Travel (1-3 Persons)
Everyone loves to have a personal time dedicated to relaxation and sightseeing with his or her family. We have this covered with a private chauffeur.

Small Groups (4-8 Persons)
We, also, have envisaged the possibility of having a larger family or a group of friends come with you to unwind. This is also covered with a private chauffeur that will lead you through the towns without interrupting your casual conversations.

Travel Groups (Up to 16 Persons)
With a 16-seater Mercedes Sprinter, private transfers just got easier and more fun. We ensure a comfy voyage is achieved as more places can be reached on land and lots of fun can be caught while on transit.

Bus Travel (Up to 50 People)
This seems like a big number, however, in the modern coach of our local partners lies a maximum achievement of private transfers on private tours. As a team on tour or a get-together meeting of a group of friends, this choice best suits your itinerary for a lifelong experience.

“Once you travelled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.”

Dennis Rysdahl

“We are a family of four, with two kids 10 and 13, on a 7 day 6 nights private tour with Croatia Private Tours in December”

Björn Peters

Are You Thinking of a Trip to Croatia?

Your mind must be an adventurous forte to navigate to Croatia and its environs. We welcome you to an adventure and exploration beyond the horizons. Each land presents you with stunning and capturable sceneries you would want to keep in the corners of your home. However, you would definitely need a little more guidance to have a fulfilling journey with sweet experience. Why don’t you hire an expert private tour guide to direct you through an exquisite journey?

Why Private Croatia Tour?

Private tours and private transfers go hand-in-hand in the world of tourism. The bigger companies know this but how well can they keep you happy and make you relish personal care that will make you feel special? However, we have factored in some of the things that might be your concern and fear.


1 | Time is Priceless

In a world where every information you need seems to be a screen away from you — on the internet — all you need is just punch a few buttons. But why go through the stress of reading reviews upon reviews before booking a tourist company that seems best? Our ability to create a hassle-free trip and sweet holiday for you and your precious ones are the best you can afford. You would be saving yourself time and energy to enjoy your vacation.

4 | Suitable for Couples and Small Groups

We can bring your personal definition of couples’ goals to reality and also to a higher level where your tour experience becomes another’s wish. Also, as a small private group of 8 to 16 people, our quality van will move you around to explore what nature, beauty and history have birthed. Our vans are spacious and comfy, hence, bringing class, pleasure and safety to tour voyage.

2 | Meeting of Travellers

What makes a tour and vacation more interesting is walking with people of like minds. At Private Croatia Tour, we are lovers of voyages also. However, the bridge between us is that we make an effort to understand your needs and plan your itinerary in the most soothing way. We will create an itinerary around your places of interest as the most important ones will be considered first. This is due to the fact that we bring in passion into all that we do.

5 | The Unique Chauffeur

While we understand that lots of tourists are scared of how a chauffeur can ruin their vacation, our private transfer service stands to differ. Our unique services come with individuals that are well equipped with courtesy and expertise. From private chauffeur service to vacation home to private day trips, we ensure that you catch every moment of what you see as fun. You can rest assured of an expert treat from your private tour driver.

3 | The Intimate Wand

Why go on private tours without that special and personal excitement of meeting someone that you share of the same ideology? Well, being a small company, Private Croatia Tours bring your adventure to a more personal level where trips can spark up ideas, and ideas can birth intimacy. At the end of it all, you will end up having one or two friends — or even more.

6 | Best Prices

What gladdens a tourist’s heart like getting a luxurious private transfer service at the most decent price? Private Croatia Tour, hence, is your best bet for this. We offer the lowest price for your tour and still ensure you can maximum satisfaction. We help you to have fun within your means, which means you can still have a budgeted but luxurious moments.

Some Popular Places for Private Tours

Krka National Park to Sibenik

This is a trip that will make you discover one of the oldest cities in Croatia. There are several sites worth seeing and capturing, hence, you are advised to come with your camera to capture every moment. This tour includes many optional services from drinks to food at exquisite and historical spots.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

A visit to one of the natural heritage on the UNESCO World Heritage Lists will send the chills down your spine. With this trip comes an optional traditional dish at an authentic farm.

Island of Hvar & Lavender Fields

When you feel like exploring and discovering the heart of the Mediterranean hospitality while getting educated about the history and culture of the Island of Hvar, this is a tour that fits your itinerary. You will also be involved in gastronomy where you can choose to cook and eat a particular food.


Zagreb houses over a million inhabitants. It used to have smaller towns which waged bloody wars in the past. But it now has many developed industries, various museums and exquisite restaurants, hence, it sits as modern capital for tourism attraction. As you travel through, your tour guide will educate you more about their practices.


This is a very popular town you must have read in books, heard in songs or seen in the movies. It is a modern capital built on water and worth visiting with all historical sites to capture.


This used to be a small fishing village but has now undergone a transformation that has made it the traveller’s resort. Due to its appreciation of nature, it has claimed one of the healthiest towns in Croatia. It is an area that can help cover private tours of up to twenty-two islands. That makes it one of the most adventurous cities.

Our Drive

Private Croatia Tour is dedicated to seeing that you have that dream vacation of yours. We make your voyage to be the best you can ever experience while considering many factors that might affect your experience. Hence, our tailor-made services are always adjustable to suit your itinerary and wishes.

We also open you for advice and suggestions that will make you have a smooth vacation. Whether you want a day off work or a long term vacation, you are always welcome on board with the most luxurious and lifelong experience.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Vacation and tourism in Croatia and its neighbouring places give you the opportunity to discover something new, historic and precious. Making this is certain is our duty towards you.

If you desire a better planned out vacation and tour through Croatia and its environs, your choice without an iota of doubt, your best option is Private Croatia Tour. While we don’t practise nor encourage any form of segregation, your early bookings give us a long time to get your treated just the way you want.