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Main city in Croatia, Zagreb

There are so many things to do in Zagreb for locals and tourists. Due to being the capital city, and the largest business, political and student centre in Croatia, there is always something going on in Zagreb. Unlike its coastal counterparts, Zagreb lives all year around. When I lived in Zagreb, I loved strolling the Upper town, cycling Jarun Lake, or hiking to the Sljeme Mount.

I enjoyed having a coffee downtown, picnic in the Maksimir Park, or going for a day to Samobor, or for a lunch to the villages dotting the hills of Zagorje.

There are seriously so many things to do in Zagreb, that you’ll quickly want to extend your stay here.

Zagreb is vibrant. It is flat and thus perfect to walk or cycle. Zagreb is relatively small compared to other European capitals. And, it has lots of parks and even forests within the city limits.

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The Upper Town

Narrow cobblestone streets, captivating buildings, historical surroundings, the upper town charms you away. If you want to feel and see the old part of the city, this is the place to start. You can reach the upper town either by stairs or by a funicular – the choice is yours. Either way, the trip up the hill is worth your while. From street to street you can sightsee the best places of the upper town, including the St. Mark’s church, which beauty is seen from afar thanks to the distinctive roof configuration.

Maksimir Park and Zagreb Zoo

Get away from the city noise and take a brisk stroll in the oldest public park in Zagreb. What can be better after a long day than to have a lovely walk in the park full of meadows, streams, creeks, lakes and other natural surroundings, where you can fully embrace your inner nature lover. From the beautiful nature in the park, you can only get distracted by the cultural heritage that this place has to offer. While you’re in the park, do not forget to visit the Zagreb Zoo that is also located here. It’s perfect for a peaceful break from the city.

Zagreb Eye

Zagreb eye observation deck is a visual paradise for lofty view seekers. It has 360-degree visuals so you won’t miss a thing. Here you can see the whole city panorama and its breathtaking surroundings from the 16th floor of the building. And there is a lot to see, from old historic structures to modern skyscrapers, Zagreb is a picturesque city and this is the place for the charm of the city to unravel in front of your eyes.

Zagreb Cathedral

This great landmark is formally known as the Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This spot is not to be missed while you’re visiting Zagreb. This masterpiece is one of the most iconic monuments in Zagreb. The jaw-dropping beauty survived one earthquake and many reconstructions that transformed it into a neo-gothic monument. The inside of it is just as astonishing as the outside. Probably the most iconic part of this Cathedral is the twin towers- that can be seen from far away.

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