Project Description

Explore the city of Trogir

Walk along Trogir`s beautiful narrow streets and let the guide take you into the past times by retelling the stories and legends of Trogir. Greek, Roman, Venetian history on a small island, make Trogir one of the most interesting historic oasis on the Adriatic. At the entrance to the St. Lawrence Cathedral your attention will attract majestic portal of Radovan, the most significant medieval portal in this part of Europe. We continue our tour visiting the Cipico Palace with its unique and noteworthy features, which was home to one of the Trogir’s most prominent families. Afterwards we will come to Tower of Kamerlengo, which was the Venetian governor’s palace. Masterpieces of local sculptors and many others who came here to participate in creating the history of this town, remains of city walls, many palaces, forts and their stories are just some of the things that will impress you on this tour through the beautiful streets of this charming little town in the heart of the Mediterranean, in the heart of Dalmatia.

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